Best Color Prediction Game Script – Royalmall With Awesome Dashboard


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1. Introduction Of Royal Mall Color Prediction Game Source Code

The main objective of the royal mall color prediction game php script is to make money. This is a lottery website that has color-changing periods. You can make it on your own. It is very easy to Make a color prediction game.

2. Routes In The Script

  • Admin Route
  • Users Route

3. Admin Features Of The Script

  • Protected Admin Login
  • Admin can Manage all registered users (edit, delete, update).
  • Admin can Monitor all betting records of the game.
  • Admin can Monitor all Deposit records of users
  • Admin can Manage all bank records of users provided for withdrawal.
  • Admin can Monitor withdrawal requests from users.
  • Admin can send payment to users.
  • Admin can update payment withdrawal requests.
  • Admin can Monitor withdrawal records of users.
  • Admin can Monitor referral records of users.
  • Admin can Manage wallet balance records
  • Admin can update slider images
  • Admin can update Running text.
  • Admin can update the rules of the game.
  • Admin can update the privacy policy and terms and conditions.
  • Admin can Monitor all profit records.

4. Registered User Features

  • New Users can register through the registration page.
  • Registered Users can log in with a valid mobile number and password.
  • User Can easily Forget their password after Providing Some Correct Information.
  • User can Update their Profile.
  • User Can Update their Password
  • Users can play color prediction games.
  • Users can make money through color prediction games.
  • User can update their bank records for withdrawals.
  • User can monitor their wallet.
  • Users can monitor all betting records.
  • Users can monitor all deposit records.
  • Users can monitor all withdrawal records.
  • Users can send withdrawal requests to the admin.
  • Users can earn money from referral programs.
  • Logout

5. Referral Program

  • Any User registered with a referral code that user get by default (admin can change referral bonus value).
  • If Any User Registers without a referral code that user gets by default.

6. Server requirements


  • PHP 7.2,7.3
  • Ioncube

7. Payment gateway

  • Manual Payment only.

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