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Boost Your SMM Panel / Website Traffic 

Validity:  365 Days 

Auto Responds to Your Customers Message & Sent Bulk Messages  

[Bonus] Google Map Data Extractor is also included in our system.

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Supported OS: Windows 11 only. [Does not work on Android/IOS]

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Online Whatsapp Message sender

Online whatsapp message sender is a web-based service that allows you to send WhatsApp messages without having to install the WhatsApp app on your phone. These services typically work by connecting to your WhatsApp account and then allowing you to send messages from your web browser.

There are many different online WhatsApp message senders available, some of which are free to use and others that require a subscription. Some of the most popular online WhatsApp message senders include:

  • WhatsApp Direct: This is a free web app that allows you to send WhatsApp messages without having to add the contact to your phone This is a paid service that allows you to send bulk WhatsApp messages.
  •  This is a free web app that allows you to send WhatsApp messages, as well as view analytics about your messages.

    This is a paid service that allows you to send WhatsApp messages from your computer.

    When choosing an online WhatsApp message sender, it is important to consider the following factors:

    • The price: Make sure to compare the prices of different services to find the cheapest option for your needs.
    • The features: Make sure that the service offers the features that you need, such as the ability to send bulk messages or view analytics.
    • The security: Make sure that the service is secure and that your messages are protected.

    It is also important to note that using an online WhatsApp message sender can have some risks, such as:

    • Getting your account banned by WhatsApp.
    • Getting scammed by the service provider.
    • Receiving low-quality or fake messages.

    It is important to do your research before using an online WhatsApp message sender and to choose a reputable provider.

    Unlimited WhatsApp Messages to Contact / Numbers

    • Send messages to all contacts including contacts not saved in your address book.

    Send Message to Groups

    • Send unlimited messages to all your joined groups.

    Message Delay Management

    • Strong Delay Management to protect your WhatsApp account from Ban

    Grab Group Links from the web

    • Grab Group all Links from any web page

    Get All Member numbers from any group

    • Grab Group members from any group

    Modern Material Design

    • Latest Material UI design with easy to use interface

    Bulk Import

    • Import your contact number from the excel sheet

    Google Map Data Extractor / Scrapper

    • Extract data from google map with targeted location and import extracted numbers in WaSender, Send Bulk Messages to them


    • You will get a detailed report after the campaign is completed

    Dynamic Parameterised Message Sender

    • ie. ’ hi {{Name}} ’ , Your invoice no {{InvoiceNo}} is generated , Click below link to download {{InvoiceLink}}

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