WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Software


Boost Your Website Sales by 120%

Send Unlimited Bulk Messages

Scrap Numbers from WhatsApp Group

Multiple accounts support

Importing multiple contacts (from file or copying)

Supports: Windows 7,8 & 10  -Windows Software. Does not work on mobile.

Purchase via WhatsApp

Custom Messages

Send custom messages with recipient’s name or other variables.

Import Multiple Contacts

Import all recipients (contacts) from CSV, TXT files or by copying and pasting.

Bulk Send

Send Whatsapp messages to ALL Contacts (even if not saved in your address book!

Advanced Features

Grab Contacts from Whatsapp Groups, Post-Sending Log, Timed Sending, Numbers Filter, etc

Benefits of WhatsApp Bulk Sender

The good number of benefits offered by bulk message sender is crucial for taking your business to next level. Moreover, in an age where social media platforms are being heavily relied upon for knowledge sharing/gaining, it is necessary that you use such platforms to spread information. Key benefits of bulk WhatsApp sender software are: 

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Quick and improved communication increases the chance of your business reaching more and more people.

Positioning your Brand  

Earn the faith of your customers by regularly interacting with them through bulk WhatsApp sender to update yourself about latest customers demand and interests.

Customer Relationship Management

Engaging with your clients/customers through WhatsApp bulk sender software is super easy and fast. You can thus make timely interventions to improve your business processes.


It is possible to check through this feature whether or not the message has been read by a potential client/customer.

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